Besser State Natural Area Hike Route Map

Besser State Natural Area

The Besser State Natural Area is a nice little piece of protected property that sits on the Lake Huron shore in extreme eastern Presque Isle County. Formerly home to the logging community of Bell the natural area features a nice empty stretch of Great Lakes shoreline, virgin forest, and a few scattered remnants of Bell itself. Quite a variety of things to look at for only a 1.5 mile hike!

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  45.248123, -83.418866

Route Type:  Loop                     Difficulty:  EASY (Petzoldt Rating:  1.60 )

Hike Length: 1.5 miles                Hike Duration: 1:15

Trailhead Temp: 29'F                 Trail Traffic:  NONE!!

Min. Elevation: 575'                    Max. Elevation: 590'

Total Vertical Gain: 50'              Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile: 33'

Trails Used (blaze color):  Besser Natural Area Loop  (blue)


  • Christine Peat

    on August 17, 2017

    I am going there this weekend with my husband, to find the gravesites of my ancestors, John and Mary Charboneau, whose final resting place is in the Bell Cemetary..

  • Mosin Tom

    on October 30, 2016

    I was a member of the 1975 YCC crew that restored the chimney at Bell. There were also the remains of some sort of structure in front of the chimney.

  • Mosin Tom

    on September 26, 2016

    I have been to this area many times. There is also the remnants of an old cemetary nearby, recently and carefully cleaned up. Also, recent research indicates the community of Bell was more widespread than originally thought.