Virgin Islands National Park Map

Virgin Islands National Park

Established in 1956, Virgin Islands National Park encompasses over 9,000-acres (~60%) of the island of St John and over 5,000-acres of its surrounding waters.  Though one of the smaller parks in the National Park System, Virgin Islands National Park boasts beauty and diversity which far exceeds its diminutive size.  We had made a couple extended stops the Annaberg Sugar Mill and the Ram Head Trail which can be seen in other albums.  This page highlights the sights we enjoyed travelling the driving loop through the National Park.  Starting at the park headquarters and visitor center in Cruz Bay, the album follows Highway 20 west along the north coast of St John, climbs to the mountain ridge above Coral Bay at the islands western end, then follows Highway 10 back to Cruz Bay.

Obviously this is just a quick-and-dirty driving tour of the park.  There was so much more we could have explored had we the time.  Even so, I believe this album does a decent job of sharing a taste of the natural wonder contained within Virgin Islands National Park.  As always, ENJOY!! 

  • Dave Kathy Weemhoff

    on April 12, 2021

    What Beauty!!! History mixed with nature is always a hit! Thanks for taking us on this drive with you!