Mount Belvedere

Cobre Lake Trail

Off the grid is where I love to be, and the Cobre Lake Trail certainly qualifies. Located just north of Mississagi Provincial Park which in turn is north of Elliot Lake, the lake sits on the edge of the vast, nearly uninhabited Ontario North Woods. Twelve kilometers, or 7.5 miles, in length, the Cobre Lake Trail passes no less than a half dozen lakes, pushes through a dazzling variety of forest types, across bare rock outcrops, along sandy beaches, and to the open summit of Mt. Belvedere with its expansive views. If that wasn't enough the color season was making an early arrival so the colors were surprisingly vivid in spots. I had a feeling ahead of time this would be a hike to remember, and boy oh boy, was it always, enjoy!

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  46.638619, -82.804055

Route Type: Loop      Difficulty: HARD (Petzoldt Rating: 9.50 )      Hike Length: 12.1 km      Hike Duration: 4:00      Trailhead Temp: 10'C      Trail Traffic: 1-5 people      Min. Elevation: 390m      Max. Elevation: 530m      Total Vertical Gain: 305m      Avg. Elevation Gain / Km: 25m