Griffin Lake Peak Trail -- 2,100'

Griffin Lake Peak

Griffin Lake Peak, at 2157', ranks as one of my favorite summer hikes in Ontario. Ever since, I had wondered if a winter climb of the peak would be feasibly possible given its remoteness from maintained roadways. As it turned out, because the peak lies within the Turkey Lakes study area the government plows the roads within a couple miles of the summer trailhead!

In the summer this is a 3-mile round trip hike, which more than doubles in the snow season to a bit over seven. I figured this would be just on the edge of what I'd be comfortable doing but, remembering the rather leisurely hike I did in the fall didn't figure I'd have any trouble with it. Unfortunately, I sadly underestimated the vertical required and the depth of the early season snow pack. The result was one of the most brutal winter hikes I've ever been on. The scenery was amazing, as expected, but the effort was, arguably, not quite worth the payoff. A hike to remember, for certain, but not one I'm likely to repeat...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  47.037960, -84.388921

Route Type: Out-and-back      Difficulty: HARD (Petzoldt Rating: 9.50 )      Hike Length: 12.0 km      Hike Duration: 4:30      Trailhead Temp: -10'C                             Trail Traffic: NONE!!      Min. Elevation: 350m      Max. Elevation: 656m      Total Vertical Gain: 305m      Avg. Elevation Gain / Km: 25m