Sturgeon River

Honeymoon Cabin Loop

***UPDATE: Unfortunately the Honeymoon Cabin was removed by the Michigan DNR in 2015 due to safety hazards. I have not returned to this hike, and so cannot attest to there being any view available at the former site of the cabin. I'm certain the forest is quickly returning to where the cabin was located by now. Please consider this before heading out! ***

There are two backcountry cabins within Pigeon River Country State Forest and both are located within a couple miles of each other just west of Pickerel Lake in Otsego County. Rumor had it that one of these cabins, the so-called Honeymoon cabin, was one of the nicer backcountry stops in all of Michigan. A four mile trail leads one way out to the cabins but I was skeptical that, despite the positive reviews, these cabins were not worth an 8-mile round-trip hike. Noticing that a loop might be made from nearby Pickerel Lake, which I had visited last year and enjoyed thoroughly. As it turned out there was an unmarked trail that linked the two pathways and I was able to make a pleasant four mile loop, visiting both cabins and saving a number of miles hiking in the process...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  45.176876, -84.519523

Route Type: Loop      Difficulty: CHALLENGING (Petzoldt Rating: 5.00 )      Mileage Hiked: 4.0 miles      Trailhead Temp: 71'F      Min. Elevation: 890'                         Max Elevation: 1,100'

Trails Used (blaze color): Green Timbers-Honeymoon Cabin (unblazed), Pickerel Creek (unblazed), Pickerel Lake (blue)