Isle Royale Hiking Route Map - Day 3

Isle Royale National Park

This is the hike I had been dreaming of my whole life. I hope these albums capture in some way the beauty of this unique place and the love that I quickly developed for it. The seven day hike took us around the eastern half of the island from Rock Harbor out to McCargoe Cove and back...and a bunch of interesting places in between...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  48.146088, -88.486142

Route Type:  Loop + spurs                        Difficulty:  EXTREME  (Petzoldt Rating:  51.50 )

Mileage Hiked: 45.5 miles                          Hike Duration:  5 days

Min. Elevation: 600'                                    Max Elevation: 1,136'

Total Vertical Gain:  ~3,000'                       Avg. Elevation Gain/Mile:  66'

Trails Used (blaze color):  Daisy Farm (unblazed), East Chickenbone (unblazed), Greenstone Ridge (unblazed), Indian Portage (unblazed), Lake Ritchie (unblazed), Lane Cove (unblazed), Mining Ridge (unblazed), Mount Franklin (unblazed), Mount Ojibway (unblazed), Rock Harbor (unblazed), Tobin Harbor (unblazed)

July 2005