Mission Hill-Spectacle Lake Hike Route Map

Mission Hill-Spectacle Lake

I'd been to Mission Hill before (see my 2009 Hikes album) but not in the winter. Of course winter on this day was a relative term with temps approaching 50'F. Mission Hill is located just west of Brimley near the Point Iroquois Lighthouse. In the summer the best way to climb it is from the state forest campground at Monocle Lake. I didn't have time for that length of hike this day with the extra mile hike down the mile-long access road. Instead, I'd hike the seasonal road to the top and then cut cross country across the (I hoped!) frozen Spectacle Lake. With winter quickly melting away I was anxious to spend one more glorious afternoon playing in the snow...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  46.454913, -84.627060

Route Type:  Loop (only possible in winter)

Difficulty:  MODERATE  (Petzoldt Rating:  3.00 )

Mileage Hiked: 2.5 miles

Trailhead Temp: 19'F

Min. Elevation: 640'

Max Elevation: 835'

Total Elevation Gain:  250'

Trails Used (blaze color):  Tower Road (unblazed), Spectacle Lake Path (unblazed)