Porcupine Mountains Backpack Route Map

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

A three day hike I took with my father and brother. It was a pretty hike but hard to appreciate in the swarms of bugs and 90 degree heat. One I'd love to do again in the fall...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  46.743570, -89.771077

Route Type:  Multi-day Loop

Difficulty:  EXTREME  (Petzoldt Rating:  36.00)

Mileage Hiked: 29.0 miles

Min. Elevation: 600'

Max Elevation: 1,958' 

Total Elevation Gain:  3,500'

Trails Used:  Big Carp River, Escarpment, Lake Superior, Lily Pond, Little Carp River, North Mirror Lake

July 2000