The snow had all but stopped by the time we left offering a much clearer look at Timms across Bass Lake.

Timm's Hill - Wisconsin Highpoint

Christmas Eve atop Wisconsin's highest point. A quick stop along a holiday trip south we decided to check another highpoint off our list. Located west of the small town of Tomahawk the day was a snowy one, 3-6 inches had fallen overnight. The 2 mile round-trip hike to the summit was a pleasant walk through the snowy Northwoods and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon before Christmas...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  45.446607, -90.199830

Route Type: Out-and-back      Difficulty: MODERATE (Petzoldt Rating: 2.50 )      Mileage Hiked: 2.0 miles      Trailhead Temp: 21'F      Min. Elevation: 1,800'          Max Elevation: 1,951'      Total Elevation Gain: 250'

Trails Used: Timm's Hill Trail