Mount Davis -- 3,213'

Mount Davis - Pennsylvania Highpoint

Mount Davis (3,213'), in south-central Pennsylvania, would be my 13th state highpoint to date. The "peak" is actually just a bump along a long, high ridge characteristic of mountains in this region. We could have drove to the summit but instead opted for the pleasant 1-mile trail that leads from a nearby picnic area. We dodged raindrops and didn't see a speck of sunshine but it was still a great way to kick off Summer Vacation 2009...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  39.794038, -79.166881

Route Type: Loop     Difficulty: MODERATE (Petzoldt Rating: 2.60 )      Mileage Hiked: 2.0 miles      Trailhead Temp: 70'F      Min. Elevation: 3,140'                            Max Elevation: 3,213'      Total Elevation Gain: 300'

Trails Used (blaze color): High Point Trail (red)