Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trail

Ocala National Forest - Sinkholes Trail

Ocala National Forest is located in central Florida just north of the busy Orlando metro area. At nearly 400,000 acres the forest boasts an impressive desert-like pine scrub forest and is the southernmost National Forest in the continental United States. While naturally beautiful, perhaps the forests biggest draw (to me anyway) is its relative solitude. Look over its roll call of over a million visitors per year and you might not believe me but consider that nearby Disneyland draws well over 20 million...and you have 625+ square miles to lose yourself in here.

We started by hiking the short loop trail past the Lake Eaton Sinkholes and ended up stopping by the busy Silver Glen and Juniper Springs. As I am posting this several years after the actual trip my memory is a bit fuzzy on the details, but I remember it as a very enjoyable day and proof that trips to Florida don't have to involve entire days pushing your way through crowds...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  29.263048, -81.855186

Trails Used (blaze color): Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trail (unblazed?)