Woodall Mountain

Woodall Mountain - Mississippi Highpoint

Woodall Mountain, the highest point in Mississippi, is certainly not worth a special cross-country trip to visit. At a less than spectacular 806' in elevation, this tree covered bump in the landscape rises just south of the northwestern Mississippi town of Iuka. My visit to Woodall was a last minute side trip I decided to make when I realized that it wasn't that far off my main route to Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee. As a casual collector of state highpoints I figured I should take the opportunity to check another one off the list as I figured I wouldn't be back to this part of the country any time soon.

Woodall itself is privately owned but is nicely kept open to public via a well-maintained 1-mile gravel road. Being that I arrived at around 7 in the morning, ahead of another sweltering Mississippi July day, I figured I'd park the car and do Woodall the way I prefer to climb a summit (regardless of height)...on foot. Off I went then to climb the nation's 47th highest state highpoint, and what would be the 21st on my completion list...

'Trailhead' GPS Coordinates:  34.782697, -88.231939

Route Type: Out-and-back      Difficulty: EASY (Petzoldt Rating: 1.41 )      Hike Length: 1.0 miles     Hike Duration: 0:40      Trailhead Temp: 80'F                                Trail Traffic: NONE!!      Min. Elevation: 600'      Max. Elevation: 806'      Total Vertical: 206'      Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile: 206'