Cold Branch Falls

Swan Cabin

Swan Cabin is tucked into a remote corner of Nantahala National Forest between the Cherohala Skyway and the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness fairly close to the Tennessee line. Built in 1931, the cabin was the former home to rangers of the district for a number of years before entering service as a rustic lodge for travelers seeking solitude in an increasingly busy forest. Access to Swan Cabin is via nearly 9-miles of sometimes rutted and steep gravel roads. The forest service website stated that it is passable in passenger vehicles but on my trip I was happy to have a high-clearance truck. I certainly wouldn't take a newer vehicle out here. The cabin sleeps 10 and includes a firepit, picnic tables, a grill, outhouse, and a couple nice rocking chairs on the front deck to relax and enjoy the solitude. Quite a deal for $25/night (as of 2021)!

Honestly this isn't really much of a hiking album. There's a few waterfalls in here that can be viewed right alongside the road, there's some shots of the cabin, as well as a short quarter mile walk I went on from the cabin. For lack of a better place to put it, my trip out to the cabin has ended up here. This is a beautiful and seldom visited area of the Nantahala forest and I thought it deserved a place amongst my North Carolina adventures...enjoy...

Trailhead (Cabin) GPS Coordinates:  35.357829, -84.004239