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Live Oak Trail

Goose Creek State Park (1-2-15)

Goose Creek State Park is a small park located along the Pamlico Coast of eastern North Carolina between the historic towns of Washington and Bath. The park is rather well developed as far as North Carolina State Parks go, boasting a visitor center, beach, and campground which are comfortably wrapped in a well designed trail system.  The trails in the park encompass a wide variety of habitats, from river shoreline to swampy lowlands to mixed pine and hardwood uplands (though uplands is a relative term in this region).

My plan for this hike was to complete the tour I set out to do on my previous visit a couple years before.  On that visit, however, I found that the entire west half of the park was closed due to damage inflicted by recent Hurricane Irene.  So this day I set out to do the 'Grand Tour' of Goose Creek State Park.  Beginning and ending at the visitor center my 10-mile walk would involve exploring just about every bit of pathway the park has to offer.  From expansive pine forests to river shorelines to black-water swamps this hike took in pretty much every type of natural environment that Goose Creek has to offer.  Despite the cool temps and the clouds which didn't lend well to great pics it was still a very relaxing little adventure.  Come on along with me and see what I found...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  35.478317, -76.901446

Hike Length:  ~10.0 miles          Hike Duration:  3:45

Trailhead Temp:  50'F

Min. Elevation:  2'                         Max. Elevation:  15' 

Trails Used (blaze color/shape):  Flatty Creek (orange triangles), Goose Creek (blue triangles), Huckleberry (white circles), Ivey Gut (red triangles), Live Oak (red circles), Mallard Creek Loop (blue circles), Palmetto Boardwalk (unblazed), Tar-Kiln (orange circles)