Thymeleaf Bluet

Over the course of hundreds of hikes within North Carolina, I've managed to photograph a decent collection of wildflowers within the state.  In the following albums I've brought them together into one place, split by color and alphabetized by common name.  No doubt as my adventures continue these albums will continue to grow!

***I've been wary of putting together this collection as I have no doubt mis-identified some of the wildflowers displayed here.  In addition, folks like to argue over the "common name" of many plants.  So...if you find a flower which you can definitively say I have not labeled correctly, and can provide the correct scientific name for it, please just leave a polite message on the corresponding page and I will be happy to update it.  I WILL NOT, however, argue over common nomenclature.  That said...thank you in advance to all those who aid in helping me keep this album as accurate and informative as possible!***