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Appalachian Trail - 4,920'

Grandfather Ranger District Hikes

The Grandfather Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest is a fairly wide reaching chunk of protected land.  Generally, it comprises the mountain region north of I-40.  This district contains the highest mountains in the east (the Black Mountains) and some of its most rugged terrain, not the least of which is the wild Linville Gorge.  I always make sure I lace my boots tight when wandering into these hills...

All albums contain the following trail info:

Trailhead GPS Coordinates: Location I started from for hike

Route Type:  Loop, Lollipop, Out-and-back, Point-to-point, or some combination of all

Difficulty:  Easy, Moderate, Hard, Extreme (varies based on terrain/route clarity)

Mileage Hiked:  As tracked by whatever GPS I was carrying at the time, or by map estimate

Hike Duration:  Total time I took to complete hike (including breaks)

Trailhead Temp:  The approximate air temp when I began the hike

Trail Traffic:  How many other people I passed along the hike

Max & Min Elevation:  Self explanatory...high and low points of hike

Total Elevation Gained:  Accumulated vertical gain of the hike

Avg. Elevation Gain/Mile:  Accumulated vertical gain/Mileage hiked (unless otherwise noted)

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