Art Loeb Trail -- 6,100'

Pisgah Ranger District Hikes

The Pisgah Ranger District comprises the portion of the 500,000+ acre Pisgah National Forest south of Interstate 40.  In a sense, this is my home forest.  During my years in North Carolina it is through the peaks and hollows of this district I most often find myself wandering...and it's not just because this forest is literally out my back door...a look through these albums and you'll understand why...

Adventure Log:  703.8 miles

Each of the galleries below have two numbers in parenthesis alongside their name. The first is the TOTAL MILEAGE of the route, the second is what I’m calling the “Petzoldt Rating” of DIFFICULTY. Developed by Paul Petzoldt, founder of NOLS, this rating system is the best I’ve found for standardizing the difficulty of hikes. It works as follows: One ‘energy unit’ is given for very mile travelled on flat terrain. You then add one more ‘energy unit’ for every 500-feet of elevation gain. For example, a one mile hike with 1,000-feet of gain would give you a rating of 3.00. Consequently a two mile hike with only 500-feet of gain would also give you a rating of 3.00. Please note, however, these ratings do not take into account weather, rough terrain, fitness level, etc. I’ve divided levels of difficulty into five levels, based on the following Petzoldt difficulty ranges:





10.00-12.49=VERY HARD;

12.50 & up=EXTREME

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Pisgah Ranger District Hikes by Difficulty Rating

Scout Camp-Narrows-Little East Fork Loop  (23.20)

Art Loeb Trail - Gloucester Gap to Davidson River w/ Cedar Rock Mountain  (19.40)

South Mills River Trail via Pink Beds  (19.20)

Turkeypen Area - Cantrell Creek/Squirrel Gap Loop  (18.90)

Greasy Cove-Graveyard Ridge Loop to Grassy Cove Top  (17.70)

Black Mountain & Turkeypen Gap Trails  (16.60)

Avery Creek Valley Circuit  (16.50)

Hilliard (Bearcamp) Falls  (15.70)

Green Mountain Trail - Middle Prong Wilderness  (14.90)

Funneltop-Wolf Ford Loop  (14.80)

Shining Creek-Old Butt Knob Loop  (14.80)

Soapstone Ridge Loop  (14.60)

Laurel Mountain Trail - Lower Loop  (14.40)

Trace Ridge-Spencer Branch-North Mills River Loop  (13.80)

Black Balsam-Graveyard Fields Loop  (13.70)

Seniard Ridge-Case Camp Ridge Loop  (13.40)

Middle Prong Wilderness Loop  (13.30)

Pilot Rock-Thompson Creek Loop  (12.90)

Art Loeb-Butter Gap-Long Branch Loop  (12.80)

Art Loeb Trail - Black Balsam to Gloucester Gap w/ Shuck Ridge Creek Falls  (12.60)

Bent Creek - Rice Pinnacle Double Loop  (12.60)

Bradley Creek-Squirrel Gap-Laurel Creek Loop  (12.60)

Cedar Rock Mountain  (12.36)

Shuck Ridge Creek Falls & Daniel Ridge Loop  (12.15)

Green Knob - Middle Prong Wilderness  (12.00)

Shining Rock from Black Balsam Road  (11.70)

Trace Ridge - Fletcher Creek/Middle Fork Loop  (11.40)

Fork Mountain Trail via Black Balsam Knob  (11.30)

Avery Creek-Buckwheat Knob Loop  (11.20)

Big Creek-Laurel Mountain Upper Loop  (10.50)

Art Loeb-Davidson River Loop  (10.20)

Big Creek Trail - Lower  (10.10)

Looking Glass Rock  (9.74)

Bent Creek - Green's Lick/Sidehill Loop  (9.70)

Bent Creek - Lake Powhatan Loop  (9.70)

Slate Rock Creek Loop to Slate Rock  (9.50)

Black Balsam Knob via Flat Laurel Creek  (9.40)

Pilot Mountain  (9.20)

Turkeypen Area - Sharpy Mountain Loop  (8.90)

Rich Mountain-Pink Beds Loop  (8.80)

Black Balsam-Chestnut Knob Loop  (8.70)

Big East Fork Trail  (8.60)

Sam Knob via Flat Laurel Creek  (8.60)

Turkeypen Area - Riverside Trail Loop  (8.50)

Twin Falls & Avery Creek  (8.50)

Black Balsam-Ivestor Gap East Loop  (8.42)

Ferrin Knob Loop  (8.40)

Turkeypen Area - Mullinax/Poundingmill Loop  (8.40)

Beech Knob & Fryingpan Mountain  (8.00)

Coontree Loop & Overlook Rock  (7.80)

Bent Creek - Little Hickory Top Loop  (7.60)

Turkeypen Area - Vineyard Gap/Bradley Creek Loop  (7.60)

John Rock & Cat Gap Loop  (7.30)

Twin Falls-Clawhammer Cove Loop  (7.30)

Caney Bottom-Cove Creek Loop  (7.20)

Daniel Ridge Loop & Upper Tom's Spring Falls  (7.20)

Perry Cove Loop & Overlook Rock  (7.20)

John Rock  (6.70)

Barnett Branch-Buck Spring Loop  (6.54)

Bent Creek - Lower Sidehill Loop  (6.30)

Upper Flat Laurel Creek Loop  (6.20)

Tennent Mountain Loop  (6.14)

Little Sam Knob  (6.10)

Mount Pisgah from Pisgah Inn  (6.00)

Bent Creek - Sleepy Gap/Chestnut Cove Loop  (5.80)

Buckeye Falls  (5.70)

Cove Creek Falls Loop  (5.70)

Bad Fork Trail  (5.50)

Cat Gap Loop Trail  (5.50)

Thrift Cove Loop  (5.50)

Sycamore Cove Loop  (5.40)

Yellow Gap Trail Loop  (5.40)

North Slope Trail  (5.30)

Pilot Cove Loop  (5.30)

Pink Beds Loop  (5.30)

Andy Cove Nature Trail & Grassy Road Trail Loop  (5.22)

Summey Cove Trail to Courthouse Falls  (5.20)

Grogan Creek Falls  (5.10)

Pink Beds - East Loop  (4.90)

Upper Courthouse Falls  (4.58)

Mount Pisgah  (4.54)

High Falls on South Fork Mills River  (4.40)

Devils Courthouse from Beech Gap  (4.30)

Graveyard Fields Loop  (4.20)

Sam Knob  (3.80)

Waterfalls of Forest Road 475-B  (3.52)

Bent Creek - Campground Connector/Deerfield Loop  (3.40)

Graveyard Fields & Graveyard Ridge  (3.40)

Yellowstone Falls @ Graveyard Fields  (3.40)

Slick Rock Falls Trail  (3.30)

Davidson River Trail Loop  (3.22)

Boxcar Falls  (3.20)

Bear Branch Trail  (3.12)

Middle Prong & Little Beartrap Falls  (2.88)

North Face Trail  (2.50)

Cemetery Loop Trail  (2.46)

Fryingpan Mountain  (2.28)

Trace Ridge-Wash Creek Loop  (2.16)

Moore Cove Waterfalls  (2.00)

Foster Creek Trail  (1.96)

Sunwall Trail  (1.80)

Devils Courthouse  (1.70)

Black Balsam Knob  (1.68)

Exercise Loop Trail  (1.60)

Toms Spring Falls  (1.29)

Courthouse Falls & Creek  (1.10)