Foster Creek Trail Hike Route Map

Foster Creek Trail

There must have been a time, not that long ago, in which the Foster Creek Trail offered a pleasant option for those seeking an easy little walk in the woods in a quieter corner of Pisgah National Forest. Unfortunately, sometime not that long ago, the Forest Service undertook logging operations which disrupted much of the center portion of the trail. What was once a serene partial loop hike through the woodlands surrounding tiny Foster Creek has now become a walk along recently opened logging roads, on an ill-defined route, which lacks trail markings of any kind. If the Forest Service so desired it could easily salvage this trail by way of a simple re-route. Unfortunately, upon this visit, it doesn’t seem if rehabilitation of any kind is in the near future for the Foster Creek Trail. This is therefore one of the rare instances where I simply cannot, in good conscience, recommend visiting a trail. Unless this trail is greatly improved it’s one to skip. If you must go, however, try to take note of the descriptions I have included with the pictures in this album. There are a couple helpful tips in here on how to successfully navigate this forlorn footpath. That said, I’ll still invite you to join me on a short little hike around what remains of the Foster Creek Trail. I sincerely hope that someday conditions improve for this path…for now, though, I’d just be content taking an armchair tour with me. As always, I hope you ENJOY

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  35.416252, -82.609146

Route Type:  Loop                      Difficulty:  EASY (Petzoldt Rating:  1.96 )

Hike Length:  1.7 miles                Hike Duration:  0:45

Trailhead Temp:  45'F                 Trail Traffic:  NONE!

Min. Elevation:  2,220'                  Max. Elevation:  2,300'

Total Vertical Gain:  130'              Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile:  77'

Trails Used (blaze color):  Foster Creek Trail (orange, though mostly unmarked)


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