Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Mount Pisgah fr. Pisgah Inn

While Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc with wind, rain, flooding to the north she showed a different side of her to the south. Snow from a hurricane? I didn't even think that was a thing! Thankfully Sandy spared the lower elevations but the high peaks got a real taste of winter. I wouldn't be denied an opportunity to go play in the snow in North October, no less! Aware that views wouldn't really be in the offing I decided to revisit a summit I hadn't been to in a decade or so...Mt. Pisgah.

Its 5,721' pyramidal peak is visible from many places in the local area but it's not its shape that draws attention, it's the 339' communication tower that sits atop it. An eyesore to say the least, I figured a nice whiteout might blur it out a bit. Time to go for a walk in the snow...

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  35.403727, -82.753367

Route Type: Inverted Lollipop      Difficulty: CHALLENGING (Petzoldt Rating: 6.00 )      Hike Length: 4.0 miles      Hike Duration: 2:30      Trailhead Temp: 25'F         Trail Traffic: NONE!!!      Min. Elevation: 4,950'      Max. Elevation: 5,721'      Total Vertical Gain: 1,000'      Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile: 513'

Trails Used (Blaze Color): Mount Pisgah Trail (unblazed), Mountains-to-Sea (white), Pilot Rock (orange)