Trace Ridge Trail

Trace Ridge-Wash Creek Loop

The Wash Creek Trail is a short, ¾-mile footpath located near the Trace Ridge Trailhead of the Pisgah Ranger District. Combined with the southernmost portion of the Trace Ridge Trail and a short walk along Forest Road 142, it makes for a quick and easy two mile loop. There’s not much remarkable about the hike, if I’m honest. For the most part it circles a large logging zone, encompassing much of the hillside to the east of the trailhead, dating back to 2014. This allows for some limited views across the valley of Wash Creek from atop the ridge, but from the Wash Creek Trail itself there’s little to see but the woods surrounding its namesake creek. Trace Ridge is a busy hub for hiking and biking in the area, however, so prepare to meet some crowds if you go. I made this little hike basically to check another trail off my Pisgah Ranger District list. As it was a dreary day with rain in the forecast the quick outing this loop offered fit the bill allowing me to dodge the incoming wet weather. This is a straightforward hike so I won’t spend time here describing it. Much of what you’ll need to know to complete the loop is contained with the photos you’ll find below. With that said I present a short stroll along the easy Wash Creek Trail, as always I hope you ENJOY!!

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  35.420416, -82.656746

Route Type: Loop      Difficulty: EASY (Petzoldt Rating: 2.16 )      Hike Length: 1.8 miles      Hike Duration: 0:45      Trailhead Temp: 45'F      Trail Traffic: NONE!      Min. Elevation: 2,420'      Max. Elevation: 2,560'      Total Vertical Gain: 180'      Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile: 100'

Trails Used (blaze color): Trace Ridge (orange), Wash Creek (yellow)


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