Andy Cove Nature Trail Map

Andy Cove Nature Trail (#288)

"Pisgah's Appetizer Trail"

A pleasant introductory hike to the Pisgah Ranger District.  Suitable for all abilities.  Only significant climbs are at the start and about halfway through, but they are brief.  Upper portion of the trail offers a treetop boardwalk and suspension footbridge.  Lower portion follows a small stream flowing from Andy Cove.  Coincides with the Exercise Trail for a short distance west of visitor center and along back of parking lot.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 35.285164, -82.726841 (Pisgah Ranger Station/Visitor Center)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Counterclockwise

Highlights:  Cove Forest, Small Streams

Length:  0.7 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  0.85

Difficulty:  EASY

Total Elevation Gain:  75'

Elevation Gain/Mile:  107'/mile

Min. Elevation:  2,180'                  

Max. Elevation:  2,240'

Blaze Color:  NONE

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