Art Loeb Spur Trail Map

Art Loeb Spur Trail (#108)

"Black Balsam's Back Door"

A short, heavily used path which connects the Ivestor Gap Trail (#101) near the end of Black Balsam Road with the Art Loeb Trail (#146) just south of Black Balsam Knob.  The route is moderately steep most of the way with extremely uneven footing due to roots, rocks, and erosion.  Upper portion enters grassy bald environment with wonderful views, primarily to the west, of neighboring Sam Knob and the Great Balsam Range.

GPS Coordinates: 35.326133, -82.881098 (Ivestor Gap Trail Junction)

GPS Coordinates: 35.325557, -82.877187 (Art Loeb Trail Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Eastbound

Highlights:  Long-distance Views, Grassy Bald 

Length (one-way): 0.6 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  1.16

Difficulty:  HARD

Total Elevation Gain: 280'

Elevation Gain/Mile: 467'/mile

Min. Elevation: 5,800'

Max. Elevation: 6,080'

Blaze Color: NONE

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Connecting Trails:

Ivestor Gap Trail (#101)

Art Loeb Trail (#146)

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