Bad Fork Trail Route Map

Bad Fork Trail (#323)

"Not Bad At All"

Connects Wash Creek Road (seasonally gated) near the Trace Ridge Trailhead with the Blue Ridge Parkway at Bent Creek Gap.  Route is entirely forested and involves numerous unbridged crossings of Bad Fork.  Upper third of trail is extremely steep.  Lightly trafficked.

GPS Coordinates: 35.432248, -82.656341 (Wash Creek Road Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates: 35.452264, -82.659493 (Bent Creek Gap Trailhead)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Northbound

Highlights: Small Stream, Solitude

Length (one-way): 2.0 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  3.70

Difficulty:  HARD

Total Elevation Gain: 850'

Elevation Gain/Mile: 425'/mile

Min. Elevation: 2,460'

Max. Elevation: 3,280'

Blaze Color: ORANGE

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