Barnett Branch Trail Map

Barnett Branch Trail (#618)

"Uphill Both Ways"

This is a trail of remarkable variety.  The north end connects with the MST/Buck Springs Trail.  Trail is moderately steep between there and its crossing of Yellow Gap Road.  There are a pair of nice waterfalls along this stretch as well, suitable for even small children.  The central portion of the trail crosses the huge high-elevation bog at the heart of the Pink Beds, partially via a long boardwalk.  The southern section of the trail, after a brief dog-leg east along the Pink Beds Loop, climbs to the crest of Soapstone Ridge at its junction with the Black Mountain Trail.  This is by far the lesser visited portion of the trail with the section from the Pink Beds up to the Barnett Branch Waterfalls being the busiest.

GPS Coordinates: 35.34599, -82.76422 (Black Mountain Trail Junction)

GPS Coordinates: 35.36881, -82.76962 (Yellow Gap Road Crossing/Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates: 35.37397, -82.77358 (Mountains-to-Sea Trail Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Northbound

Highlights: High Elevation Bog, Wildflowers, Waterfalls

Length (one-way): 3.9 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  5.50

Difficulty: MODERATE

Total Elevation Gain: 800'

Elevation Gain/Mile: 205'/mile

Min. Elevation: 3,180'

Max. Elevation: 3,900'

Blaze Color: BLUE

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Connecting Trails:

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