Bennett Gap Trail Map

Bennett Gap Trail (#138)

"I Bet You've Never Heard of Overlook Rock"

Running the southern 2/3 of the eastern rim of the Avery Creek Valley, this trail connects its namesake gap to the north with Forest Service Road 477, at the bottom of the valley, to the south.  The northern half traverses a surprisingly narrow and rugged ridge.  The 'Overlook Rock' mentioned above is along this stretch and is a rather underrated viewpoint.  The southern half of the trail spends a portion of its time coinciding with the Coontree Loop, all the while gaining and losing a considerable amount of elevation along the way.  The trail is well-marked and quite popular, especially with mountain bikers. 

GPS Coordinates: 35.34599, -82.76422 (Bennett Gap Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates: 35.304962, -82.739574 (Forest Service Road 477 Trailhead)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Southbound

Highlights: Overlook Rock

Length (one-way): 2.9 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  3.60 (N to S);  5.90 (S to N)

Difficulty: MODERATE (N to S);   VERY HARD (S to N)

Total Elevation Gain: 350' (N to S);  1,500' (S to N)

Elevation Gain/Mile: 121'/mile (N to S);   517'/mile (S to N)

Min. Elevation: 2,300'

Max. Elevation: 3,580'

Blaze Color: RED

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