Big East Fork Trail Map

Big East Fork Trail (#357)

"A Streamside Stroll Into Wilderness"

This, to me, is perhaps the finest stream-side trail in the District.  Starting from the SOUTH side of the bridge over the East Fork, the path is well-traveled and easy to follow despite the lack of trail blazes.  Though it meanders away from the river occasionally for the most part it stays right alongside the waters edge, with numerous small cascades to be seen along the way.  The trail terminates at a large backcountry campsite where the Bridges Camp Gap (#607) and Greasy Cove (#362) Trails also arrive.  Here the East Fork and Greasy Cove Prong converge at yet another particularly scenic series of cascades. 

GPS Coordinates: 35.364923, -82.817569 (Big East Fork Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates: 35.337321, -82.827040 (Bridges Camp Gap/Greasy Prong Trail Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Southbound

Highlights: Numerous Cascades, Scenic River, Wilderness

Length (one-way): 3.4 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  4.80

Difficulty: MODERATE

Total Elevation Gain: 700'

Elevation Gain/Mile: 206'/mile

Min. Elevation: 3,380'

Max. Elevation: 3,980'

Blaze Color: NONE

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