Buckhorn Gap Shelter -- 3,650'

Black Mountain Trail (#127)

"The East Rim of Avery Creek"

GPS Coordinates:  35.283931, -82.722309 (Black Mountain Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates:  35.340273, -82.775253 (Club Gap Trail Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel: Northbound

Highlights: Views from Black Mountain Ridge, Buckhorn Gap Shelter

Length: 9.8 miles

Petzoldt+ Rating: 17.58 (S to N); 13.57 (N to S)

Difficulty:  EXTREME

Total Elevation Gain: 3,100' (S to N); 1,500' (N to S)

Elevation Gain/Mile: 316'/mile (S to N); 153'/mile (N to S)

Min. Elevation: 2,150'

Max. Elevation: 4,220'

Blaze Color: WHITE

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