Buck Spring/Mountains-to-Sea Trail -- 3,780'

Buck Spring Trail (#104)

"A Case of Mistaken Identity"

GPS Coordinates:  35.368358, -82.779561 (US-276 Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates:  35.402931, -82.754259 (Pisgah Inn Trailhead)

Album Direction-Of-Travel: Northbound

Highlights: Small Streams, Solitude, Wildflowers

Length (one-way): 6.2 miles (5.2 miles coincides w/ Mountains-to-Sea Trail)

Petzoldt+ Rating: 11.81 (S to N); 7.16 (N to S)

Difficulty:  VERY HARD (S to N); CHALLENGING (N to S)

Total Elevation Gain: 2,000' (S to N); 137' (N to S)

Elevation Gain/Mile: 323'/mile (S to N); 137'/mile (N to S)

Min. Elevation: 3,640'

Max. Elevation: 4,950'

Blaze Color: WHITE

Reports involving the Buck Spring Trail:

Barnett Branch/Buck Spring Loop

MST - Cherry Cove Overlook to Pisgah Inn

Connecting Trails:

Mountains-to-Sea Trail (#440)