Farlow Gap Trail Map

Farlow Gap Trail (#106)

"You'll Either Love It Or Hate It"

GPS Coordinates:  35.30076, -82.84547 (Daniel Ridge Trail Junction)

GPS Coordinates:  35.29098, -82.87133 (Art Loeb Trail Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Westbound

Highlights:  Shuck Ridge Creek Falls, Solitude

Length (one-way):  3.1 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  6.60 (E to W);  4.10 (W to E)

Difficulty:  VERY HARD (E to W);  MODERATE (W to E)

Total Elevation Gain:  1,750' (E to W);   500' (W to E)

Elevation Gain/Mile:  565'/mile (E to W);   161'/mile (W to E)

Min. Elevation:  3,280'

Max. Elevation:  4,540'

Blaze Color:  BLUE

See Following Trip Reports for more info:

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Connecting Trails:

Art Loeb Trail (#146)

Daniel Ridge Loop Trail (#105)

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