Little Sam Trail -- 5,750'

Little Sam Trail (#347)

"Echoes of the Past"

GPS Coordinates:  35.31963, -82.88965 (Flat Laurel Creek Trail Junction)

GPS Coordinates:  35.30748, -82.89334 (Mountains-to-Sea Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel: Southbound

Highlights: Mixed High Elevation Forest, Limited Views

Length (one-way): 1.4 miles

Petzoldt Rating: 1.86

Difficulty: MODERATE

Total Elevation Gain: 230'

Elevation Gain/Mile: 164'/mile

Min. Elevation: 5,510'

Max. Elevation: 5,740'

Blaze Color: YELLOW

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Connecting Trails:

Flat Laurel Creek Trail (#346)

Mountains-to-Sea Trail (#440)