Mountains-to-Sea Trail Map (NC-215 to Cherry Cove Overlook)

Mountains-to-Sea Trail (#440)

"North Carolina's Long Distance Footpath"

Trailhead GPS Coordinates (W to E)

Haywood Gap:35.313385, -82.953939

NC-215 (Beech Gap):35.303930, -82.909341

Black Balsam Road:  35.32061, -82.87618

Looking Glass Overlook:  35.32223, -82.82803

Cherry Cove Overlook:35.336194, -82.815088

Bennett Gap:  35.34716, -82.80830

Pigeon Gap:  35.36577, -82.79400

US-276:  35.36688, -82.78964

Pisgah Inn:35.403694, -82.753336

Buck Spring Gap:35.415338, -82.748414

Elk Pasture Gap:  35.434182, -82.730157

Mills River Valley Overlook:  35.442845, -82.719884

Glady Fork Gap:  35.450532, -82.709161

Stony Bald Overlook:  35.453971, -82.693658

Beaverdam Gap:  35.453827, -82.680213

Bent Creek Gap:  35.452756, -82.659450

Sleepy Gap:  35.465821, -82.629313

Forest Service Road 480:  35.482258, -82.602338

BRP @ French Broad River:  35.499665, -82.593406

Album Direction-Of-Travel:  Eastbound

Highlights:  Incredible Views, Middle Prong Wilderness, Waterfalls, Solitude


Length (one-way):  47.5 miles

Petzoldt Rating:  59.90 (W to E);  65.90 (E to W)

Difficulty:  EXTREME (if hiked as a whole)

Total Elevation Gain:  6,200' (W to E);   9,200' (E to W) 

Elevation Gain/Mile:  131'/mile (W to E);   194'/mile (E to W)

Min. Elevation:  2,030'

Max. Elevation:  5,980'

Blaze Color:  WHITE

See Following Trip Reports for more info:

Barnett Branch-Buck Spring Loop

Bent Creek - Sleepy Gap/Chestnut Cove Loop

Big Creek/Laurel Mountain Upper Loop

Black Balsam-Chestnut Bald Loop

Black Balsam-Graveyard Fields Loop

Black Balsam-Ivestor Gap East Loop

Buckeye Falls

Ferrin Knob Loop

Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields & Graveyard Ridge

Greasy Cove-Graveyard Ridge Loop to Grassy Cove Top

Green Knob - Middle Prong Wilderness

Green Mountain Trail - Middle Prong Wilderness

Middle Prong Wilderness Loop

MST - Haywood Gap to NC-215

MST - NC 215 to Cherry Cove Overlook

MST - Cherry Cove Overlook to Pisgah Inn

MST - Pisgah Inn to Bent Creek Gap

MST - Bent Creek Gap to French Broad River

Mount Pisgah

Pilot Rock-Thompson Creek Loop

Sam Knob, Chestnut Bald, & Mt. Hardy

Seniard Ridge-Case Camp Ridge Loop

Yellowstone Falls @ Graveyard Fields

Connecting Trails:

Art Loeb Trail (#146)

Bad Fork Trail (#323)

Bridges Camp Gap Trail (#607)

Buckeye Gap Trail (#126)

Buck Spring Trail (#104) -- coincides w/ MST for 5-miles

Graveyard Ridge Trail (#356)

Green Mountain Trail (#113)

Haywood Gap Trail (#142)

Laurel Mountain Trail (#121)

Little Sam Trail (#347)

Mountains-to-Sea Access Trail (#358B)

Pilot Rock Trail (#321)

Shut-In Trail (#345) -- coincides w/ MST for entire length

Sleepy Gap Trail (#339)

Trace Ridge Trail (#354)

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