Seniard Ridge Trail/F.R. 5043 -- 3,300'

Seniard Ridge Trail (#609)

"Woodlands & Waterfalls"

GPS Coordinates:  35.33050, -82.80039 (Case Camp Ridge Trail Junction)

GPS Coordinates:  35.31523, -82.83104 (Blue Ridge Parkway Junction)

Album Direction-Of-Travel: Westbound

Highlights: Numerous Streams & Waterfalls

Length (one-way): 3.9 miles

Petzoldt Rating: 7.50 (E to W); 5.10 (W to E)

Difficulty: HARD (central section to waterfalls is very easy, however)

Total Elevation Gain: 1,800' (E to W); 600' (W to E)

Elevation Gain/Mile: 462'/mile (E to W); 154'/mile (W to E)

Min. Elevation: 3,180'

Max. Elevation: 4,680'

Blaze Color: BLUE

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