South Mills River Trail -- 2,760'

South Mills River Trail (#133)

"The Best of Trails & The Worst of Trails"

GPS Coordinates:  35.366661, -82.738873 (Forest Service Road 476/Wolf Ford Trailhead)

GPS Coordinates:  35.342837, -82.659439 (Turkey Pen Trailhead)

Album Direction-Of-Travel: Eastbound

Highlights: Numerous cascades, South Fork Mills River, Solitude

Length (one-way): 13.3 miles

Petzoldt Rating: 14.70 (W to E); 15.30 (E to W)

Difficulty: VERY HARD

Total Elevation Gain: 700' (W to E); 1,000' (E to W)

Elevation Gain/Mile: 53'/mile (W to E); 75'/mile (E to W)

Min. Elevation: 2,400'

Max. Elevation: 3,300'

Blaze Color: WHITE

See Following Trip Reports for more info:

Funneltop-Wolf Ford Loop

High Falls on South Fork Mills River

Soapstone Ridge Loop

South Mills River Trail via Pink Beds

Turkeypen Area - Cantrell Creek/Squirrel Gap Loop

Turkeypen Area - Mullinax/Poundingmill Loop

Turkeypen Area - Riverside Trail Loop

Turkeypen Area - Sharpy Mountain Loop

Turkeypen Area - Vineyard Gap/Bradley Creek Loop

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