Alum Cave Trail - 6250'

Mount LeConte

One of my favorite hikes in the Southern Appalachians. I left on a foggy July morning to beat the crowds. Unfortunately, the skies didn't clear as much as I hoped. This is a 12 mile round-tripper that gains over 2500 feet of elevation. It was also the first peak I bagged on the South Beyond 6000 list. Enjoy!!

In 2014 I made a return trip to LeConte armed with a better camera and on a somewhat clearer can check it out HERE

Route Type: Out-and-back      Difficulty: EXTREME (Petzoldt Rating: 19.90 )      Hike Length: 13.6 miles      Hike Duration: 6:30      Trailhead Temp: 70'                   Trail Traffic: 100+ people      Min. Elevation: 3,800'      Max Elevation: 6,593'      Total Vertical: 3,150'      Avg. Elevation Gain / Mile: 463'     

Trails Used (blaze color): Alum Cave Bluffs (unblazed), The Boulevard (unblazed), Rainbow Falls (unblazed)