Beartooth Highway -- 10,800'

The Beartooth Highway

Straight isn't a hiking album.  Sorry if that disappoints.  I'd argue, however, that the scenery and sense of adventure felt along this 68-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 212, known as the Beartooth Highway, rivals many of the hikes already included on this site.  Connecting the Montana towns of Cooke City at its western end to Red Lodge at its east, the highway nonetheless spends over half its length in Wyoming.  Opened in 1937, the highlight of the Beartooth Highway is the central, 13-mile, stretch which it spends completely above treeline.  The highest point on the road is at Beartooth Pass, at an elevation of 10,947'.  As you might expect the weather along this alpine road can be fierce and unpredictable.  Snow can fall any month of the year and, on average, it is only open from Memorial Day to mid-October.  This album represents only a quick drive-through of this spectacular byway.  Numerous trails lead through alpine meadows, around glacial lakes, and along exposed ridges.  It's an area I could have spent days, rather than hours, and still have left wanting more.  Even so, the experience is something neither I nor my boys will ever forget and we can fully attest that this is one of the most spectacular drives we've ever done.  With that brief introduction it's my pleasure to invite you on a drive of the famous Beartooth always, I hope you ENJOY!!!


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