Uncle Tom's Point (Canyon Overlook) -- 7,750'

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

“... As I took in the scene, I realized my own littleness, my helplessness, my dread exposure to destruction, my inability to cope with or even comprehend the mighty architecture of nature.” - Nathaniel P. Langford, 1870

Step out onto any one of the numerous overlooks ringing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and you’re likely to experience many of the same feelings described by Mr. Langford over 150 years ago. Here, carved over 12,000 millennia, is a colorful gash in the surface of the earth over 1,000-feet deep and 20 miles long. Through it crashes the mighty Yellowstone River, which enters the canyon in dramatically stunning fashion by way of the famous (though somewhat uninspiringly-named) Upper Falls (110’) and Lower Falls (308’). Of the two, Lower Falls is certainly the more famous…it’s arguably the most photographed natural feature in Yellowstone and, when viewed down the canyon from Artist Point, creates one of the most iconic vistas of the entire National Park System.

Surrounding the canyon are a pair of roads, named North Rim Drive and South Rim Drive, which provide access to the numerous overlooks and a fairly large network of trails. This album involves only the most basic of tours of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The first half involves a drive along the north rim, stopping at most of the major viewpoints. We then take a quick walk down to the brink of the Upper Falls, before making the drive along the south rim to a couple more overlooks…all culminating at the aforementioned Artist Point. As with all our stops in Yellowstone National Park, this was an awe-inspiring and far-to-brief visit. Hopefully this album still shares a glimpse of the wonder experienced upon visiting the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This was a fitting grand finale for our 2020 trip to Yellowstone…as always, I hope you ENJOY!!

Location:  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Canyon Village)

Hike Length:  100 yd - 0.3 mile

Hike Duration:  varied

Elevation:  7,800'

Waterfalls:  Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, Upper Falls of the Yellowstone

Overlooks:  Artist Point, Brink of Upper Falls, Grand View, Inspiration Point, Lookout Point, Sunset/Uncle Tom's Point


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