Firehole Falls

Firehole Canyon

This is yet another of my 'not-a-hike' albums.  The 2-mile Firehole Canyon Road is a one-way scenic drive which is located along the Grand Loop Road just south of Madison Junction.  For much of its length the road closely follows the Firehole River, with numerous small turnouts where visitors can access it.  The canyon itself is impressive, at up to 800-feet in depth and extremely narrow in places.  Firehole Falls, the largest cascade in the canyon at 40', is also located along the scenic drive at around its halfway point.  Admittedly the scenery here might not be quite as dramatic as other Yellowstone attractions but, if you're driving the Grand Loop anyway, its certainly worth the brief side-trip.  This was just such a side trip for us...a quick drive-through of the canyon after spending the day at the geyser basins to the south.  This small album gives a taste of what sights Firehole Canyon has to always, I hope you ENJOY!!


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