Hot Lake

Firehole Lake Drive

Firehole Lake Drive is a 3.3-mile scenic one-way road which winds its way through the southeast extremity of the Lower Geyser Basin.  The Great Fountain Geyser is certainly the star of the show here, with powerful eruptions which can reach 150-feet in height.  Unfortunately, on this visit, we weren't able to catch the big event but the numerous stops we made along the Drive were more than worth the short detour.  This is a very worthwhile little side-trip to embark on on the way between the main areas of the Midway and Lower Geyser always ENJOY!       

Location:  Lower Geyser Basin

Elevation:  7,250' - 7,400'

Geysers:  Artesia (unpictured), Great Fountain, Pink Cone (unpictured), Steady, White Dome

Hot Springs:  Firehole Spring, Surprise Pool (unpictured)


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