Silex Spring

Lower Geyser Basin

The Lower Geyser Basin, encompassing around 12-square miles, contains a remarkable variety of geothermal features.  Everything from hot springs to geysers to mud pots to fumaroles are represented here, and all on the short half-mile boardwalk loop followed in this album.  Needless to say, for the effort required, there may be no easier and comprehensive tour than this one for experiencing the variety of Yellowstone.  The album follows the boardwalk loop and I've tried to include information about each of the features depicted.  As always, I hope you ENJOY!!

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  44.548404, -110.807240

Location:  Lower Geyser Basin

Hike Length:  0.5 miles

Hike Duration:  0:30

Elevation:  7,300'

Geysers:  Clepsydra, Fountain, Jet, Morning (unpictured), Spasm, Twig (unpictured)

Hot Springs:  Celestine Pool, Leather Pool, Silex Spring

Other:  Fountain Paint Pots, Red Spouter


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