Minerva Terrace (Lower)

Mammoth Hot Springs

Located in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, the Mammoth Hot Springs are a collection of hydrothermal features which have created enormous and intricate natural sculptures.  With temperatures up to 163'F the mineral-rich hot springs have, over the centuries, created numerous 'terraces' colored by heat-loving microorganisms in hues of orange, yellow, green, and brown.  The springs are also highly changeable, with some going dormant and some becoming active almost yearly.  You really never know what you'll see.  An extensive network of boardwalks allows visitors to explore the terraces, which are designated in three levels:  Lower, Main, and Upper.  This album follows our quick walk through of the hot springs, covering all three terrace levels and visiting most of the features seen along them.  I've utilized the NPS Trail Guide to caption many of the photos as it does a better job of explaining what you're seeing than I could.

Mammoth Hot Springs was another incredibly beautiful and fascinating stop on our multi-day tour of Yellowstone National Park.  There's good reason that Mammoth is one of the busier attractions to be found there.  Don't let the inevitable crowds deter you, the Mammoth Hot Springs are a wonder of nature you won't want to miss.  With that I now invite you on a quick tour through yet another of Yellowstone's natural wonders...and, as always, I hope you ENJOY!!                               

Trailhead GPS Coordinates:  44.973880, -110.704365

Location:  Northwestern Yellowstone

Hike Length:  2.3 miles

Hike Duration:  2:00

Elevation:  6,300'-6,600'

Hot Springs:  Angel Terrace, Canary Spring, Cupid Spring, Grassy Spring, Jupiter & Mound Terraces, Minerva Terrace, New Blue Spring, New Highland Terrace, Palette Spring


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