Lincoln's Tomb (ca. 1874)

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

For 17 years of his life Abraham Lincoln called the city of Springfield, Illinois home. He bought the now-famous house in 1844 and moved in with his new wife, Mary and his son Robert. The home was much different at first, as you can see in the album. During his time in Springfield Lincoln rose from being a local lawyer, to congressman, to president-elect of the United States. Unfortunately Lincoln was never able to return in life to Springfield from Washington. After his assassination, the president's body was returned to his home town and laid to rest at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

The Abraham Lincoln Historic Site contains Lincoln's home and 12 additional structures that have survived since Lincoln's time. On a whirlwind tour, I was able to visit the Historic Site in its entirety along with many of the remaining structures remaining around town to which Lincoln was connected, finishing with his tomb...


  • Cheryl

    on August 29, 2009

    I've been there and seen that but I'm sure I didn't notice all the details that you have captured.