Dunker Church

Antietam National Battlefield

The Battle of Antietam marked the single bloodiest day in American history. Some 23,110 men were killed or wounded in action here on September 17, 1862. The fighting here was a result of Robert E. Lee's first attempt at taking the war north and the Union's attempt, under George McLellan, to stop him. The battlefield preserves such famous landmarks as the Dunker Church, the infamous Cornfield, the Sunken (or Bloody) Lane, and Burnside's (Lower) Bridge. This album follows the course of the battle as told along the self-guided auto tour that circles the park. Where I have been able to find pictures from the time of the battle I have included links to accompany my shots and descriptions...

Battle Statistics

United States of America

Armies Engaged: Army of the Potomac

Commanding Officer: Major General George B. McLellan

Strength: 75,500 Casualties: 12,401 or 16.4% (2,108 killed, 9,540 wounded, 753 captured/missing)

Confederate States

Armies Engaged: Army of Northern Virginia

Commanding Officer: General Robert E. Lee

Strength: 45,000 Casualties: 10,316 or 22.9% (1,546 killed, 7,752 wounded, 1,018 captured/missing)


  • D. Weemhoff

    on July 30, 2009

    Yes, quite a reminder--- rather a miracle that we are still one after all bloodshed on both sides! Those old shots really add to the album--- thanks so much! m