Winter Encampment

Bennett Place State Historic Site

If asked where the Civil War ended most would state Appomattox, Virginia. The fact is that nearly 100,000 confederate troops remained under arms in the southeastern states commanded by Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston. Until these troops laid down their weapons, the war would continue. After suffering defeat at Bentonville, Johnston was forced to engage in a constant withdrawing action in the face of Sherman's superior forces. With the surrender of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia Johnston no longer saw the point of continuing the conflict. Here, at the homestead of James Bennett outside Durham, North Carolina, is where the war truly ended with Johnston's surrender to General William T. Sherman on April 26, 1865.

Unfortunately, the Bennett Farm did not attract as great a level of preservation as did Appomattox. No historic designations were given the property until the 1923 at which time the cabin had long since burned down. The property came under the protection of the State of North Carolina in the 1960's at which point a small cabin, similar to the Bennett's and dating to the same period was moved to the property and restored in the design of the original structure. Today, there is a nice visitor center with some interesting displays as well as a self guided tour which leads you through the property...


  • Kathy

    on February 4, 2012

    I never heard this bit of history before --- may just have to visit this place some time! Thanks!