Hagood & Murphree-Hollingsworth Cabins

Hagood Mill Historic Site

Hagood Mill is a small historic site located just north of the town of Pickens in South Carolina's Upcountry.  The historic site is home to a number of old structures which depict various aspects of life in the surrounding area dating to the early 19th Century.  The centerpiece of the site is, of course,  Hagood Mill which was built in 1845 and still operates as a gristmill to this day.  Alongside the mill are two old cabins, one built by Benjamin Hagood in the early 1800's and the other built for a local Baptist minister by the name of William Murphree in 1791.  In addition a number of other structures, though not historic, depict various aspects of life in the area during years past.  An old barn, moonshine still, cotton gin, and blacksmith shop are all available tour.  The site hosts many craft and folklife demonstrations each year which help bring to life the old mill site.  

This album involves a quick tour of each of the historic buildings at the site, with as much information about each as I could manage to gather.  We also made a quick tour of the adjacent Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site which houses a small but impressive collection of ancient Native American rock art found around the region.  It is obvious that the site has been lovingly and painstakingly maintained and we very much enjoyed our visit.  So, if you're interested, come on along with us and see what we discovered...


  • Dave Kathy Weemhoff

    on November 1, 2015

    Quite the place -- love it when great care is taken to preserve history!