Kensington Mansion

Kensington Mansion (SC)

This small gallery gives you a quick walk-around of Kensington Mansion which is located just outside of Eastover, SC. The mansion was completed in 1854 for a man by the name of Matthew Singleton. At its peak some 465 slaves worked the thousands of acres of cotton fields which at one time surrounded the plantation. The house itself encompasses over 12,000 square feet and contains some 29 rooms. The styling isn't what you would typically imagine of a traditional southern plantation but still manages to exude a sense of its proud antebellum heritage.

As with many southern plantations, the years following the Civil War were a time of extreme financial strife and the mansion changed ownership several times before finally being all but abandoned in the 1940's. In an unlikely turn of events the mansion and its surrounding property were bought by International Paper in the early 1980's who, in a rare display of historical sensitivity, quickly began to restore the home to its former glory and opened it for public tours. Today the mansion is open seasonally for tours. We visited during the Christmas season at which time the mansion is dressed up in the holiday decorative style of the late 19th Century. Unfortunately there are strict rules forbidding photography inside the mansion (which, needless to say, irked me a bit) but I hope you enjoy the walk around regardless...