<b>Currahee Mountain</b> as viewed on my approach from the east.  The name <i>Currahee</i> is a Cherokee word meaning 'stand alone'.  This is appropriate as the peak sits rather conspicuously detached from the neighboring ridges to the north.  During the war the paratroop trainees adopted the mountains name as their motto, along with the phrase <i>"3 Miles Up, 3 Miles Down"</i> in reference to the training runs they were required to do on it slopes.  I was quite excited to have this opportunity to walk in their footsteps...
  • S. Maxon

    on March 9, 2014

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Currahee. I had no idea they had a museum there. I will definitely make the journey and see if I can even make it to the top. What warriors they must have been to run it with full packs. Thank you for your photos and insights.