Temple Mound

Town Creek Indian Mound State Historic Site

Town Creek Indian Mound State Historic Site preserves the site of an ancient Native American ceremonial site in the southern Piedmont of North Carolina. Located just over an hour east of Charlotte, the site dates back over 1,000 years and provides a fascinating insight to visitors of an extensive culture that spread all across the southeast during this time period. The mound was constructed by the Pee Dee Tribe around A.D. 1000 and was occupied for over 400 years. The complex served as an important center of trade and culture for the tribe. Located on the site is the original temple mound and a handful of reconstructed structures which are open for visitors to explore. Historic sites of this age are far and few between in this part of the country so the Town Creek site has a cultural and historic significance which far exceeds its unassuming size. Though I wouldn't necessarily recommend a long trip just to visit it, if you are in the area I would strongly suggest you stop by...it really is a fascinating place.