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10-21-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT...Voyageurs National Park - Blind Ash Bay Trail

10-12-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT...Voyageurs National Park - Oberholtzer Trail

9-21-21:  UPDATE:  I was able to recover write-ups for about a dozen of my South Carolina hikes.  The rest will likely have to be re-written from scratch, which will take time.  I appreciate your continued patience in this transition.

9-20-21:  NEW LIST...'Adventures with Waterfalls'

9-15-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT...Black Mountain - Kentucky Highpoint

9-15-21:  NEW LIST...'Extreme (Day)Hikes'

9-15-21:  NEW LIST...'Very Hard Hikes'

9-15-21:  NEW LIST...'Hard Hikes'

9-14-21:  NEW LIST...'Challenging Hikes'

9-14-21:  NEW LIST…’Moderate Hikes

9-13-21:  NEW LIST...'Easy Hikes'

9-10-21:  NEW LIST…’Adventures at Battlefields & Forts

9-10-21:  Combined former ‘Michigan Winter Lights’ in with the existing ‘Michigan Lighthouses’ page.

9-8-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT…MST Section Hike – Traphill Ridge Road to Carter Falls

9-1-21:  Added LISTS tab on Home Page. Hikes will be sorted by various indices, starting with ‘Adventures by State’ and “Adventures by National Park

8-29-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT…New River Gorge National Park & Pres. – Long Point Trail

8-26-21:  NEW TRIP REPORT…New River Gorge National Park & Preserve Driving Tour

8-21-21:  In response to questions regarding the ‘d’ (difficulty) ratings of my hikes, there is now a Difficulty Ratings tab where the metrics of how my numbers are derived is (hopefully) explained.

8-19-21:  UPDATE: Unfortunately in the process of my recent website update I lost all of the writeups for my hikes in SOUTH CAROLINA. I will be working to get at least some basic statistics/info up on each album right away but redoing my blog posts on each could take some time. I apologize for this and encourage you, should you find a South Carolina hike you like the looks of and need more info, to contact me at the above link. Again, thanks for all your patience!

8-15-21:  New site design is LIVE!!