Second Falls (Graveyard Fields)

North Carolina Waterfalls

For a waterfall nut like me, my current home in Transylvania County in southwestern North Carolina is paradise.  There's no firm count on how many waterfalls lie within my home county but it is certainly well over 200.  But Transylvania certainly doesn't stand alone in the southern mountains.  It may surprise to to discover what a water-wonderland North Carolina is...

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Hotlink Listing of Waterfalls (by County)

Current Count:  314

Cherokee County (1)

North Shoal Creek Falls

Clay County (1)

Leatherwood Falls

Rutherford County (1)

Hickory Nut Falls

Transylvania County (124)

55 MPH Falls

Arrowhead Falls

Auger Fork Falls

Aunt Sally's Falls

Avery Creek Falls

Barnett Branch Trail Falls (Lower)

Barnett Branch Trail Falls (Upper)

Bear Canyon Falls

Bedrock Falls

Big Falls (Thompson River)

Big Bearwallow Falls

Big Ledge Falls

Billy Branch Falls

Birdrock (Cathedral) Falls

Bluff Falls

Boxcar Falls

Bridal Veil Falls (DuPont)

Caney Bottom Falls

Cascade above Bear Canyon Falls

Cascade above Bluff Falls

Cascade above Ted's Falls

Cascade by Auger Hole Trail

Cathey's Creek Falls

Cedar Rock Creek Falls

Cedar Rock Creek Falls (Upper)

Chestnut Falls

Chub Line Falls

Chute Falls

Clawhammer Falls

Connestee Falls

Courthouse Falls

Courthouse Falls (Upper)

Cove Creek Falls

Daniel Ridge (Tom's Spring) Falls

D.E.W. Falls

Diamond Creek Falls

Discovery Falls

Dismal Falls

Drift (Bust-your-butt) Falls

Eastatoe Falls  ***CLOSED AS OF 2019***

East Fork Falls

Entrance Falls

Exit Falls

French Broad Falls

Frolictown Falls

Frozen Creek Shoals Falls

Gemini Falls

Glencannon Falls

Grassy Creek Falls (DuPont)

Graveley Falls

Grogan Creek Falls

Hidden Falls

High Falls (DuPont)

High Falls (Thompson River)

Hilliard (Bearcamp) Falls

Hooker Falls

Hornet Falls

Indian Branch Falls

Indian Camp Falls

Indian Ford Falls

John's Jump Falls

Key Falls

Kiesee Falls (Lower)

Kiesee Falls (Upper)

Lemon Falls

Line Runner Ridge Falls

Logging Road Falls

Log Hollow Falls

Log Hollow Falls (Upper)

Long Branch Falls

Looking Glass Falls

Lower Bearwallow Falls

Lower Rockhouse Creek Falls

Lower Slick Rock Falls

Maple Spring Branch Falls

McCall Mill Shoals Falls

Merge Lane Falls

Merry Falls

Middle Rockhouse Creek Falls

Moore Cove Falls

Moore Cove Falls (unnamed)

Paw Paw Falls

Pigeon Branch Falls

Pounding Mill Falls

Rainbow Falls

Reece Place Falls

Renzulli Falls

Rhapsodie Falls

Sculpted Falls

Shoal Creek Falls

Shower Bath Falls

Shuck Ridge Creek Falls

Sidepocket Falls

Sky Falls

Slate Rock Creek Falls

Slick Rock Falls

Sliding Rock (Looking Glass Creek)

Split Rock Falls

Stairway Falls

Still House Falls

Ted's Falls

Toxaway Falls

Trailside Falls

Triple Falls

Turtleback Falls

Twin Falls (Henry Branch Section)

Twin Falls (Tributary Section)

Upper Avery Creek Falls

Upper Bearwallow Falls

Upper Grassy Falls

Upper Rockhouse Creek Falls

Waterfall on Cove Creek

Waterfall on Hickory Flat Creek

Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek (#1)

Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek (#2)

Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek (#3)

Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek (#4)

Waterfall on Tributary of Henry Branch

White Owl Falls

Whitewater Falls

Williamson Creek Falls

Windy Falls

Wintergreen Falls (DuPont)

Wintergreen Falls (Toxaway River)

Yadkin County (1)

North Deep Creek Falls